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Hockey boards - EURO EXTRA

Professional hockey boards are made of a double peripheral frame which is anchored to the concrete surface or sleeper wall with special profiles and bolts. Thanks to its construction the head of the board is built in with safety hardened glass, therefore the board is adapted for a no-pillar extension of protection glass. With its size and used material, the boards meet the parameters of IIHF, ČSLH (Czech Ice Hockey Association), SZLH (Slovak Ice Hockey Federation), DIN 18 036. The EURO EXTRA boards may be manufactured as dismountable. In case of utilizing the system of horizontal division (bottom base + board) the board may be dismantled also during a season without a need to melt ice surface.

We supplied these EURO EXTRA hockey boards also to the 2011 World Championship.

The board is a steel construction made of 3-meters long panels and protected against corrosion by zink dipping, arched segments are divided in a module enabling set up an angular arch. Parts are equipped with a plastic lining with possibility to easily and fast grip ads, handle and protective side bar. The board construction consists of two parts. Except a range of improvements the boards provide also easy door opening from side of ice surface.

EURO EXTRA boards bring significant simplification of assembly and disassembly. This is fundamentally beneficial for stadiums which serve to other purposes during the season when the boards need to be dismounted.

The professional hockey boards are delivered including all accessories:

  •         Protective safety glass
  •         Protective nets
  •         Goals including nets
  •         Players and penalty bench + timer, prospective roofing
  •         Benches for sitting of players
  •         Elevated flooring
  •         Ads covering
  •         Rubber flooring
  •         Back boards covering
  •         Scoreboards
  •         Ice surface entries

Field parameters:
Field size   (length x width)                 56 ÷ 61   x   26 ÷ 30  m
Arch radius   (rounding)                                       7 ÷  8, 5  m
Height from ice surface                                  1, 17 ÷ 1, 22  m 
Protection yellow line                                      0,15 ÷ 0,25 m
Protection glass/long side                     1,6 ÷ 2 m / min 0,8 m

Except the EURO EXTRA professional hockey boards we also offer the following hockey boards:

     -          EURO STANDARD

Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
Hockey boards - [realizovano] - [misto_realizace] -
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